5 Questions Property Developers Should Ask their Architect- BLOG 2 of 5


Please see the 2nd of 5 blog posts from Edward Acres, RIBA, Founder and Managing Director of Acres Architects

In this series Edward tackles the most common questions that we get asked by professional property developers.

At Acres Architects we understand that most full time Property Developers will have their ‘Go To’ Architects.  However, every now and then, there is a need to break the mould and search for pastures new.  The Architecture profession is highly competitive, and Developers often find themselves spoilt for choice.  However… selecting the correct practice to partner up with is vital to the success of your development.  This is because like it or loath it Property Development is at its best when the appointed consultants, become a team for Developer to Partner up with.

With many years of experience in large scale residential developments in the BTR & PRS, PBSA and Mixed use developments in the UK’s city centres. . Your working relationship with the consultant team appointed on the project is of upmost importance.

After more than 12 years of running an Architects Practice here are a selection of the some of the questions I have been asked, which have lead to less than efficient working relationship and how a re-phrasing can lead to a much better understanding of the practice itself and future positive working relationship

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Question 2. The Developer: “How many staff have you got?”

As a practice owner again my response is somewhat automatic.

Acres Architects: “It varies.”

Practice owners know that developers want to know that the practice has enough staff to handle their project.  However if all practices are sat around with staff to spare then they are soon to be out of business or their fees WOULD need to be very high when they DO land projects to support it.  No practice simply has a team of staff sat around waiting for your enquiry or project to land on their lap. An Architects firm must operate as a very well oiled and efficient machine.  Which means that dependant on the amount of projects we have at any time our Practice can be quite large or then suddenly quite small.

Therefore a better question would be…

The Developer: “What confidence can you provide us with that you have capacity to handle our project?”

Again my response this question is much more thought provoking.

Acres Architects: “ We have a fantastic core team of designers, each with a base knowledge of project running but also with an individual skill set ensuring that we as a practice have a wide variety of skills to offer to any and all clients. These “Champions” are key to the companies structure and these full arching skill set can be encapsulated with as little as 4 or 5 core staff members.

For example we have one of our Architects who is our BIM champion and has successfully grown our BIM capabilities since joining the practice and continues to bring the latest emerging production techniques and collaboration skills with other consultants, to the practice. We also have Visualisation champions, Contract Administration Champions, Drone Champions etc…

Whilst not all of these skills will be required on a daily basis for you project. You can rest assured with the confidence that in addition to the basics that a qualified Chartered Architects practice can provide, we also can offer full project overview and skill set from our core members with a robust and bespoke Standard Operating Procedures system that allows any new staff members appointed for projects as we grow to slide into the team with very little down time and now lack of output quality or customer service.

I hope this was useful, Edward Acres, RIBA.

That’s it for this second blog but we’ll be answering more of the common questions next week. In the meantime if you’re looking to start a new project or have any questions we’d love to hear from you,

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Kind regards,

Edward Acres, RIBA

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