5 Questions Property Developers Should Ask their Architect- BLOG 3 of 5


Please see below our latest in the series of blogs from Edward Acres, RIBA, Founder and Managing Director of Acres Architects

In this series Edward tackles the most common questions that we get asked by professional property developers.

At Acres Architects we understand that most full time Property Developers will have their ‘Go To’ Architects.  However, every now and then, there is a need to break the mould and search for pastures new.  The Architecture profession is highly competitive, and Developers often find themselves spoilt for choice.  However… selecting the correct practice to partner up with is vital to the success of your development.  This is because like it or loath it Property Development is at its best when the appointed consultants, become a team for Developer to Partner up with.

With many years of experience in large scale residential developments in the BTR & PRS, PBSA and Mixed use developments in the UK’s city centres. . Your working relationship with the consultant team appointed on the project is of upmost importance.

After more than 12 years of running an Architects Practice here are a selection of the some of the questions I have been asked, which have lead to less than efficient working relationship and how a re-phrasing can lead to a much better understanding of the practice itself and future positive working relationship

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Please see the 3rd of 5 blog posts from Edward Acres, RIBA, Founder and Managing Director of Acres Architects

In this series Edward tackles the most common questions that we get asked by professional property developers.

Question 3: The Developer: “What regions do you work in?”

As a practice owner again my response is somewhat automatic…

Acres Architects: “quite a wide variety…”

Architects know that a huge risk factor for Property Developers is the planning risk. The situation where more often than not and outlay of funds is required completely at risk. In order to secure a site through a ‘Subject to Planning’ deal. Sometimes even owned but with borrowings incurring interest.  Even if the site is already owned out right by the developer there is still a huge risk as planning applications on city centre sites can easily run into hundreds, if not, thousands of pounds if not sometimes millions. All of which are at risk. So knowing that the Architects that you have chosen are familiar with local context, local authorities and local or regional experience in the vicinity of your intended project can reduce the risk of that investment.

So it might be more ‘to the point’ to rephrase the query as an example below…

The Developer: “Have you got experience in dealing with ‘X’ local authority?”

It’s a very easy yes or no answer in that regard.

Acres Architects: “ Yes, we have and here are some similar schemes submitted to them”.

Even if the architect has not submitted a similar scheme but is very familiar with the local authority you will have a much greater chance of success at the planning stages. Therefore, Local Knowledge can never be undervalued.

This is why some bigger practices can have multiple studios across the UK allowing them to grow bigger and swell into other sectors and regions as dedicated staff members can be responsible for such different localities. You may have heard the term ‘Regional Director’ quite commonly. This accolade would normally be given to an Architect within the practice who has not only shown leadership but whom has also been able to demonstrate fantastic local knowledge in said region allowing the company to expand.

If you’re looking to start a project and you would like a list of the local authorities Acres Architects have worked with, we’d love to hear from you. 

That’s it for this blog but we’ll be answering more of the common questions next week. In the meantime if you’re looking to start a new project or have any questions we’d love to hear from you,

I hope this was useful, Edward Acres, RIBA.

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