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As someone who is currently going through the process of extending my home I wanted to share my thoughts on why we (my wife and I) decided to add on additional space to our property rather than start house hunting again. I hope that this helps you out.

7 years ago, and like many others we started off our search for our new home with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. Unfortunately for us this excitement and enthusiasm quickly turned into disappointment and frustration. After missing out on our 5th house through either not being quick enough with an offer, or being gazumped with a better one (even after offering full asking price!) we found that searching for that ‘perfect home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

We actually lost out on our current home initially only for that buyer to withdraw their offer, We kept searching and realised it was still on the market so a speculative call to the estate agent revealed it was available. For the life of me I can’t understand why we didn’t get a call from the Estate agent saying it was back on the market, after all they knew we were interested having put in an offer! It really did feel like we had to do all the chasing and pushing to help them make a sale.

As you can imagine, and maybe you’ve experienced something similar, it was a difficult time and very emotionally draining. The worst thing is that the more people I speak to the more I realise it’s a common feeling when moving to a new house. Luckily for us the couple buying our house were amazing and very understanding but I’ve heard the horror stories about those in a complex ‘chain’ too!

We did eventually secure that forever home and we love it. The location is great, neighbours are fantastic but now our family is getting bigger, so we need more space, so I guess it’s time to make the call on whether to extend or move.

Perhaps not surprisingly after our previous experience and I can tell you I honestly don’t want to go through that property search process again. It’s not just the emotional rollercoaster I want to avoid there are a few good reasons to extend and I hope that they ring-true with you too.

1 – Make some money!

Sounds good right?!

Extending your home can be one of the most cost-effective ways to add significant value. Whilst it’s not always the most important factor it’s certainly worth considering the resale value for a later date. You never know what the future holds, a new job opportunity may take you elsewhere and you may want to sell later on. By adding space, in particular to kitchens, additional bedrooms and light open living spaces you can significantly increase the value to your home.

2 – Put your stamp on your home.

Even if you find the ‘dream home on the market there’s a fair chance you’ll still have work to do on it to get it to look and feel like home.  By extending your current home you can build on what you already know and love.

3 – Create the space that works for you

 The great thing about extending your own home is that you already know how it works for you and what is required to improve that. It could be adding extra space for a bigger kitchen because you love entertaining guests or adding that extra bedroom so your guests can stay over. Whatever it is you’ll know instantly what it required, and this can speed up the process significantly.

4 – Save your money!

 With lots of fees to contend with from stamp duty to estate agents’ fees moving home can also be a costly process that unfortunately won’t add value to your new home. Combined fees when moving can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds. All of which could have been saved or invested into improving the value of your current home.

5 – Avoid the emotional rollercoaster

 I’ve mentioned this already but moving home can be a lengthy process and certainly an emotional one too. By staying and improving you don’t have to go through this. Not only that but leaving the home and the area you love can be tough, especially if you’re already close to family, great schools, transport links or all of the above.

If you decide that improving by extending is your preferred choice then speak to Acres Architects, you can even check out my previous blog on ’10 Questions to ask your Architect’ before you do. But don’t worry we’re on hand to guide you through the process every step of the way.


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