The process of becoming an Architect:

The term ‘Architect’ is a legally protected title and can only be used by those who have earned the necessary qualifications. The typical route to become a fully qualified Architect is an Architects Registration Board (ARB) recognised degree, a year of practical work experience, another 2 year course at University (a B. Arch, Diploma, or M. Arch), another year of practical training, a year of education followed by a submission of experience evidence, and a final qualifying exam. Throughout all of these stages you will complete your Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 qualifications, all of which can provide you with the necessary experience to hold different roles within an Architectural Practice.

Part 1 – BA Hons

The focus of the Part 1 qualification is to provide you with the opportunity to develop core architectural skills and prepare you for your first practical work experience. Practical work experience during this stage is highly recommended by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). This stage, if carried out at University, also typically takes three to four years, full-time. Throughout this time, you will study a range of different topics to prepare you for your architectural career, such as how architecture affects its inhabitants, environmental science, and learning how to work in an Architectural Practice. After completing the course and work experience, you are then qualified to become a Part 1 Architectural Assistant. Within this role you will help to produce concept and planning drawings, and also create render visualisations and animations. Within this role you will also have to present different projects and works to clients.

Part 2 – M Arch / B Arch

The Part 2 aspect of your Architectural education enhances the knowledge that you already have from Part 1, and the awards that you obtain differ. After completing your Part 2, you could be awarded a Bachelors of Architecture (BArch), or Master of Architecture (MArch). Part 2 provides you with more in-depth knowledge of what it is to be an Architect and teaches you great design practice. This course is also typically a 2 year course with another year of practical experience afterwards. Typical modules that are offered at university are ones that centre around Design and Culture, Environment, and Technology. Again, after earning your Part 2 qualification, you can become a Part 2 Architectural Assistant. As a Part 2 Assistant, your duties will typically include attending clients meetings, present and discuss project briefs, prepare designs for planning permission, and also produce technical working drawings.

Part 3

During your Part 3 course you will typically be assessed on five main elements. These elements are, 2 years of practical experience, a professional CV and career evaluation, a case study project, a written examination, and a final oral examination. Once all of these are complete and you have passed the examinations, you have completed your architectural education and you are able to apply to the ARB to become a registered Architect. At this point, you are also able to become a Chartered Member of RIBA. Only once you have completed this education and become a member of the ARB can you use the term ‘Architect’. As an Architect your role can be extremely varied and includes preparing project proposals, preparing project drawings, specifications, and construction documents. You will also conduct and compile feasibility reports, determine budgets and deadlines, and managing projects and teams. Architects also have lots of scope for development and progression within their careers as you can work up to becoming a Project Architect, Senior Architect, Principle Architect, or even set up your own Practice.


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