Coronavirus [COVID-19] Update 2 Thursday 26th March




We have been monitoring the continuously changing and evolving updates on the Coronovirus (COVID-19).  Following recent public announcements from our Governmental leaders and the World Health Organisation, as well as The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and Public Health England (PHE) which has escalated in the last few days, our Business approach has been identified as follows:


We have two top priorities. They are; ensuring the health and well being of our staff and providing continued award winning service to our clients. We are following guidance form DHSC & PHE. We have therefore taken steps to amend our standard practice operating methods and restrict unnecessary travel to safeguard our staff.  The current situation has also allowed us to reflect on our operating methods moving forwards and we are systematically testing new methods to continuously improve our business functionality during this or any other future issue.


All drawing, document, and visual production is being completed remotely by our dedicated staff members. However some communications have started to become difficult which will be discussed lower down.  Internal we can produce the work as normal.


We are still taking on New Projects.  Many new projects have been brought to us during the lock down and we are still very keen to work on them with you. Unfortunately we have restricted any Site or Home Visits for the safeguarding of our Staff and Potential Clients until further notice. We will happily talk through the project with you via Video Chat and or normal Telephone Calls. We will also be able to continue as normal where High Level feasibility studies do not require Immediate access to site.  Effectively it is very common for us to work from a Desktop Analysis position on most Property development Sites as normal. So we would encourage Developers, public Sector and private Clients alike to contact us and discus your new projects with us remotely and we can hit tie ground running after the lock-down is removed.


We have experienced some difficulty with Local Authorities. Often Case officers and or Council members are not available or able to respond quickly to queries and submissions. However our 96% Planning Success rate has not been effected yet.  We have also just this week received a further 5 Planning Approvals through.


Technical design is being completed as Normal  Our Staff are working remotely on the continued Technical design aspects of your projects and we should not experience any delays. in getting prepared for Building regulations Approval or Tender.  All of our External consultant are so far continuing in the same manner as us and we are able to collaborate as normal with them.


We anticipate 3 months minimum delays in Construction this year. It is rapidly becoming apparent that Construction sites may be shut down by Governmental Law.  Many of the Contractors we are working with are choosing to protect their staff  by closing up existing sites where it is safe and secure to do so and choosing to defer starting on site for other projects. Many builders merchants have also been caught up in the mandatory closure of ‘Retail’ Facilities which has also had an impact.  Therefore I would ask all of our clients to stand fast. We may need to postpone starting on site if it was planned for the next few months. However we can still continue with our preparations for doing so in the mean-time.  Also For Clients who have existing projects out on site you will have been contacted by your project Architect to run through the Terms and Conditions in the Building Contract so we can explain to you in close detail what your position is IF contractors stop works when you don’t want them to, or if thy continue to work when you don’t want them to.


Any and all meeting will be held/hosted Virtually where possible. With our studios closed and our teams working from home and to protect all, based on Governmental Law and Advice, all meetings will be held via live video chats where possible. If a Live Video Chat is not possible we will postpone until it becomes possible.  If you have any queires about how to set up one of our video chats please contact the office at least 45 mins before the beginning of the meeting to get some helpful advice.


Do not hesitate to contact our office. Ring the Studio numbers or mobiles of your Project Architects if you have them. Also do remember we still have Emails very much working.

Stay in touch but more importantly STAY SAFE!!!

If you’re looking to start a new project we’d love to hear from you. Call 0115 838 9738 or email

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