Coronavirus [COVID-19] Update 1


We have been monitoring the continuously changing and evolving updates on the Coronovirus (COVID-19).  Following recent public announcements from our Governmental leaders and the World Health Organisation, as well as The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and Public Health England (PHE) which has escalated in the last few days, our Business approach has been identified as follows:


We have two top priorities. They are; ensuring the health and well being of our staff and providing continued award winning service to our clients. We are following guidance form DHSC & PHE. We have therefore taken steps to amend our standard practice operating methods and restrict unnecessary travel to safeguard our staff.  From today (17th March) all our staff will be working remotely using our cloud log in systems.   The current situation has also allowed us to reflect on our operating methods moving forwards and we are systematically testing new methods to continuously improve our business functionality during this or any other future issue.

Overall we remain operational as a business. Our Team will continue to support our Clients. Our practice already runs on an already high tech, cutting edge Technology focused operating method which allows for flexibility.

Your projects and operations are extremely important to us and we remain committed to supporting you and responding to your needs throughout this period.  We are contactable via Email and Mobile and WhatsApp during normal working hours. Again this should not deviate from existing practices.  We are confident in our ability to continue working efficiently through our remote log in system and secure cloud based file system.


As we all progress through this international issue we will continue to monitor and respond to COVID-19 and we will keep you updated on our approach to the situation and how we are maintaining our business continuity and services offering throughout.

We remain dedicated to working with you through these unprecedented times, to overcome the challenges ahead.

Kindest regards,

Edward Acres RIBA

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