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We know what it takes to deliver our concepts through to completion

All our new build projects are run by qualified RIBA Chartered Architects. Ensuring that deliverables on every scheme are carefully considered. We mitigate any risk of the necessary planning outlay by ensuring clear and regular communication with your sites’ local planning authority. We ensure that by the time a final planning proposal is compiled into an application, the local authority is fully aware of what to expect. We do everything possible to give the final scheme the very best chance at gaining that all important planning approval. We can support your project through the entire process.

We mitigate the risks of the necessary planning outlay by ensuring clear and regular communication with your site’s local planning authority, making sure that by the time a final planning proposal is compiled into an application, the local authority is fully aware of what to expect. You can then have peace of mind that the final scheme stands you the best chance at gaining that important planning approval.

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

BIM gives us the ability to work in a 3d, collaborative environment with ther consultants involved in the project. By creating 3d models Acres Architects can effectively coordinate the overall building design. We use ‘Scan to BIM’ for existing conditions surveys to allow us to maintain pace with every project to assist in meeting budget and deadline targets. Using BIM also means that we’re able to deliver Digital Asset information (post-handover) as required. This can be handed to you or your property management consultants. Ability to use the Project information model to cost-plan the project to a greater degree of accuracy early in the design stage.

The key benefits for you, the client, of BIM are:


Acres Architects truly believe in utilising the most appropriate technology to help our customers in making their projects a reality. As part of the Acres experience you will be able to see your project in virtually once the designs are agreed. Our previous clients have used Virtual Reality to virtually walk around your project to see it in context. This will help you to confirm the details of the project are working as well as highlight areas for potential improvement.


3D printing allows you to see your projects come to life. Using the very latest 3D printers Acres Architects can create a scale model of your project. This gives you the ability to see exactly how your project will work on the site, to gain a better understanding of the scale and relationship of your project with the surrounding area. These incredibly detailed prints can prove invaluable in making key decisions. Often used in conjunction with Virtual Reality this method can help identify areas for improvements in a cost-effective way. 3D printing can be done quickly and efficiently to allow you to view several different design options at the planning and concept stage.


Utilising state of the art drone technology we conduct extensive site surveys. It’s essential to conduct these thorough surveys to ensure we fully understand the project, the site and identify any potential challenges in the feasibility and exploration stage. The drones are only used by our fully qualified operators and can allow us to quickly capture highly valuable content including photographs and video footage. These assets are used to help us with the planning of the project and can also for future promotional content.


Our dedicated in-house Video & Media production team can create stunning videos or animations to help market your project. We’ll create everything you need from an initial story board to a finished video that will help your prospective customers see the project in all its glory. Videos and animations are a fantastic way to showcase every key aspect of the project and to help customers to understand what they will get out of living there. We can guide them through how they will use the space and how it will work for them and of course what amenities they can expect. We can provide professional, slick videos that help really bring the project to life including the visuals, audio and graphics to any specific highlight key features and benefits for your customers. We can also provide a brief history of the project to help them understand how it all started.

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