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Led by founder and Managing Director, Edward Acres RIBA, our team of highly skilled, experienced and ambitious architects, technicians, visualisation and BIM specialists are on hand to deliver your project to your exact specification. Our team have the highest levels of technical design knowledge and detailing, an extensive knowledge of BIM software, as well as the latest industry technologies. We are committed to the continual development of our skills and knowledge in these fields to maintain our high levels of service to our clients moving forward. We can offer fully-managed and controlled delivery on site with our seasoned, experienced, and qualified architects monitoring construction by acting as ‘contract administrators’ during the implementation stage, meaning your project is delivered with minimum fuss.

Where we are

Our headquarters is just outside of Nottingham. It’s a perfect location for the team and for our clients. The main office is situated near to the grounds of the beautiful Highfields Park which was famously designed by architect Percy Richard Morley in 1922. The whole setting has a strong architectural emphasis which is great for the team who often take walks here. As we’re outside of the city centre, not only do we have fantastic surroundings, but we also have dedicated parking for staff and clients, making the process of visiting our studio straight-forward, stress-free, and relaxing.


This is where the magic happens! Once our concepts have been explored to their fullest and agreed with our clients, we have a full suite of high performance PCs to produce the necessary CAD drawings and BIM models. These finalise the design and technical details necessary to tender and deliver your construction project. We use the latest Autodesk software, such as AutoCAD and REVIT to create packages of information, accompanied by a full Adobe suite of programmes to produce the highest quality visuals and imagery. Here, you can see your design come to life before it is built or to presented to investors.


Our office is set across two 2-storey buildings each with dedicated space for creative and production activity. Upon entering the ground floor we have our fantastic reception area and ‘Creative Studio’. This space is designed to be as creative and flexible as possible, helping us to explore our deepest design flair. We have the use of full wall whiteboards for 1:1 drafting of technical details, as well as a Virtual Reality suite for our designers to delve into the body of the space they’re creating. Our clients can also get a first hand view of their project at an early stage so they can really get a true feeling of how their project will feel when built. We also have the use of a designated model making area and a 3D printer, allowing us to test our proposals in real life scaled works.


Our dedicated team of architects, technologists, and BIM specialists can offer an array of services to support your project. We can offer Virtual Reality walkthroughs of your project, high quality CGI images, animations and drone video footage as part of a full site investigation.


One of our key skills is our use of BIM or Building Information Modelling to create your project. With this cutting edge software we can create your project much quicker than with traditional methods. BIM makes it easier to create homes that consider all design elements, such as, how your home will perform thermally, how much light will be let into the property, and how the layout can work for you. We can take care of every detail, from what insulation is required to keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer, to where electrical cables and structural supports need to be. This means when it’s time to build the property there are no surprises and the whole process is stress free for you.


We know what it takes to deliver our concepts through to completion. All our new build projects are run by qualified RIBA Chartered Architects, ensuring that deliverables on every scheme are carefully considered. We mitigate any risk of the necessary planning outlay through clear and regular communication with your sites’ local planning authority. We ensure that by the time a final planning proposal is compiled into an application, the local authority is fully aware of what to expect. We do everything possible to give the final scheme the very best chance at gaining that all important planning approval. We can support your project through the entire process.

Free Consultations

We firmly believe in offering our clients, or prospective clients a free consultation. We know that it’s a big decision when you’re starting to thinking about creating your dream home. The last thing you need is a hefty charge to speak with a team of architects.

We’ll invite you to meet with the team, lead by our Managing Director Edward Acres, to discuss your project in detail. At this consultation we’ll show you our capabilities, explain how we work and if you like what you see and hear we’ll discuss what the next steps are.

Friendly Environment

At Acres Architects we provide a family friendly environment here at the office when you come in to see us. We’ll do everything we can to make you and your family feel comfortable when we share your designs. After all they are a key consideration when designing your dream home. We welcome you and your family to join in on the process. For younger children we can provide an area to play in our Creative Suite while we present your designs or take you through a Virtual Reality tour. Older children can enjoy the gaming consoles to keep them entertained. We’re pet friendly too so if you need to bring your pooch into the office when you visit it’s no problem.

Grand Design Experience

We can offer a fully bespoke Grand Design experience for your projects. Think of it like a personalised version of Grand Designs where you and your project are the star of the show. We can create a professional project video for you to keep and cherish. It will capture the essence of your project and showcase the journey you, and your project, have gone through. We understand that the process of designing and building your dream project can be frantic but we’ll be there to capture everything so you can relive the process and share with your family and friends. We’ll capture everything and create this amazing keep-sake for you.

Private Client Kit

We can also create a bespoke, printed, presentation pack containing all the key feartures of your dream home. It’s a super deluxe presentation kit for your super home. We hope that you’ll love it and keep it to show off to your family and friends for years to come.

Virtual Reality

Once we’ve started to lock down the designs we can give you a full VIP tour around your new home. To give you a real feel for how your dream home will look and feel we can create it using the latest software and then give you the ability to walk around it and experience it for yourself. It’s a fantastic way to make sure that it will work for you. You’ll get to see exactly how it’ll look, how the flow of the property will work and even where your furniture will eventually go. Our clients have really loved seeing their homes for the first time to give them a much better understanding of the design elements.

If you’re looking to start a new project we’d love to hear from you. Call 0115 838 9738 or email info@acresarchitects.co.uk

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