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Have you ever WANTED TO build your dream home in the country, but thoughT it would be too difficult? It's time to think again.

Acres Architects have a great deal of experience in creating designs and managing the build of these Paragraph 80 homes in the countryside or on Green Belt land. Our team of qualified architects, technologists and interior designers will discuss your ideas with you and understand how to make your home work for you and your family. We’ll then work closely with your local planning authority to demonstrate to them that this is an outstanding project and one of significant interest, and show how it will get that all important planning permission, for exceptional circumstances and design quality allowing development in the green belt. We’ll talk you through every step of the way and manage everything for you so you can focus on the decisions that are most important to you. Of course we’ll help you with how the home looks both from an exterior and interior design perspective.

Woodside Stables

Acres Architects was approached by a land owner who wanted to realise the dream of a rural countryside home. However there was no precendent for residential development on the land they owned by their stables. The equestrian themed Woodside Stables was located in a beautiful rural setting within Staffordshire’s green belt. We wanted to maximise the view over the water as well as ensure the design was appropriate for the setting. Due to the site being almost entirely ‘enveloped’ in woodland, we felt a concept focused on a timber facade would also relate well to the site.

Due to the desire from the client for a ‘different way of building’, we advised upon the idea of Prefabricated timber laminate structure providing exceptional thermal performance and structural rigidity and ease of construction through the ‘Lego’ connection style construction method. This also provided exposed timber to the internals of the property creating a modern winter log cabin cosy feel. An external deck was also added out over the water to provide a vantage point to focus on the views over the water.

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