Later Life Schemes Part 1:

In this short series of blogs, Acres Architects look at Later Life residential schemes.

Retirement and Later Life schemes are one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors and at Acres Architects, we have lots of experience in designing these types of residential developments. Later Life schemes must be designed with huge amounts of care and attention to make sure they cater for a range of needs. With this in mind, in the first part of this blog series, we wanted to share some thoughts on what makes a good Later Life development.

One of the main attractions to Later Life schemes is the social contact with others of a similar age. These schemes are most often designed for those aged 55 and over and often leave lots of room for social spaces such as, shops, cafes, and coffee shops, all of which help to increase the experience of the residents.

Such schemes are designed with the independence of the residents in mind. Those taking up residence in a Later Life buildings often move to be around like-minded people but also to stay self-sufficient. The inclusion of social spaces, leisure spaces, and shopping facilities, all help to contribute to a sense of independence and sufficiency and ensure that those living in them feel comfortable.

Another huge factor in the designing of Later Living schemes is the feeling of safety and security. Later Living schemes aim to offer residents a high sense of security and safe communities this can be achieved through designing secure spaces, avoiding long, narrow walkways or dark corners. All this can be done whilst keeping the residents independent and in a beautiful home environment. When looking to purchase a home or plot, potential residents will often keep this at the top of their priority list.

While this blog has explored what makes a good Later Life development, the next blog in the series will look at the challenges of designing the schemes.

If you’re looking to start a new Later Life development, we would love to hear from you.

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