Later Life Schemes Part 2:

In this second instalment in the Later Life schemes series, we will have a look at the challenges of designing such schemes.

Whilst there are many positives in regards to designing these schemes, they can also raise a multitude of challenges. One of the biggest challenges can often be finding the right piece of land. Later Life schemes often require good sized amounts of land, and large funds, both of which can sometimes be hard to locate. In addition, once a plot of land is found, the characteristics of the land may pose lots of challenges.

Another challenge may be creating a space that feels totally independent, but also fully secure. Security measures can sometimes feel restricting to certain people and can often make people feel as if they do not have any independence. In trying to reduce this, the Architect will do their best to ensure that the environment is as comfortable for residents as possible, and that it provides the right amount of independence.

Whilst there are many pros and cons to Later Life schemes, they are becoming a great part of the UK’s residential development. Later Life schemes can really help to boost local economies with new communities being created, and can also help to improve residents health and wellbeing, creating savings for health services.


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