RIBA Plan of Work:

When starting a new project, there are different stages to the process. These different stages are called the RIBA Plan of Work and go from Stage 0 to Stage 7, and each Stage serves a different purpose. We know that this can be daunting for clients who are new to this process, and at Acres Architects we are here to guide you through every step of your project with minimal stress. In this blog we will explain the different RIBA stages, what they entail and how this will impact you as we go through the journey of designing and building your new home.  is important to any project.

Stage 0 – Strategic Definition stage

At this initial stage, the fundamentals of your project are explored, and all the pros and cons are weighed up. The project budget will be discussed, and the design requirements of the client will be explored. Additionally, this is also the stage where any risks that the project may pose are investigated and assessed. Overall, this stage is mainly about gathering the base information for your project and knowing what is needed to get started. At Acres Architects, this stage includes an initial consultation where one of our qualified Chartered Architects will visit the project site and discuss with you the aims, the cost, and the expectations of your project.

Stage 1 – Preparation and Brief

This is the stage in which the initial brief is decided and is where the client requirements are considered further to prepare for the project. Preparation for the project is the main goal of this stage and the team will gather all of the relevant feasibility studies. The information requirements are set, and a responsibility matrix will be prepared. A project execution plan will also be produced to help the designers know what will happen at each stage.

Stage 2 – Conceptual Design Stage

This stage sets the Architectural concept for the project. Proposals are prepared and regular design reviews are held in order to make sure the design is on the right track. At this point a pragmatic review of what tasks need to be completed to make the architectural concept as strong as possible before the next stage. In this stage you may also seek some pre-application planning advice. A stage 2 conceptual design programme will also be prepared to guide the project.

Stage 3 – Spatial Coordination

This stage is mainly about testing the architectural concept to make sure that everything prepared in stage 2 is correct, before the detailed information at stage 4 is needed. designs will be aligned with costs and the outline specification will be developed. In this stage, suppliers and contractors may be consulted to ensure that designs are feasible. Project strategies are updated, and a high-level building regulations review is carried out. To make sure that everything is being completed at the right time, a design programme is created.


Stage 4 – Technical Design Stage

This is where the information required to construct the building is prepared. RIBA states that the core documents of this stage are the responsibility matrix, the Information requirements and the stage 4 design programme. Each of these documents give instruction and information on manufacturing and construction and which contractors will take responsibility for such information. A building regulations application will be made during this stage before any on-site work commences. Any pre-commencement planning conditions will also be submitted for approval to the planning department. The building contract will also be drawn up, tendered and agreed in preparation for starting on site.

Stage 5

This is where your project will really begin to take off and is the construction phase. In this stage, the Acres Architects team will keep track of the construction work and make sure it is all at the agreed contract.

Stage 6

This then leads on to stage 6, probably the most exciting stage for someone completing their own project. This is the stage in which the building is handed over to the client, any building contracts are concluded, and the aftercare is initiated.

Stage 7

The final stage, stage 7 or in use is where the building is analysed to ensure it is operating effectively and to the clients’ desire.

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If you’re looking to start a new project we’d love to hear from you. Call 0115 838 9738 or email info@acresarchitects.co.uk

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