We’re very excited to announce another fantastic development here at Acres Architects. As you may know Acres Architects is going from strength to strength as a practice and due to a consistently increase workload have been recruiting top talent recently.

Recent additions to the team include Alicia Hollis (Interior Designer), Jamie Shanahan (Contracts Manager) We have also bolstered the team with a Studio Manager, Bryanie Geehan, and a Video and Animation Specialist Steve Clayton.

Founder and Managing Director Edward Acres commented “As the number of people in the practice increases, we need additional space to house the team in. It’s why after careful consideration of various options we’ve taken the decision to purchase the office space next door to our existing office”.

“One of the reasons for this is that we already love the location of the office. It’s set in a beautiful location outside of Nottingham City centre. It’s nicely secluded, is private and is situated near to the grounds of the beautiful Highfields Park which was famously designed by architect Percy Richard Morley in 1922. The whole setting has a strong architectural emphasis which is great for the team who often take walks here. As we’re outside of the city centre, not only do we have fantastic surroundings, but we also have dedicated parking for staff and clients making the process of visiting our studio straight-forward, stress-free, and relaxing”.

We’re continuing to grow

The new 2-storey office will be opened up so that staff and customers will be able to move between the two buildings easily. Clients will be greeted and directed to our welcome area where they can relax and check out some of our previous work to help inspire them and get their creativity flowing before we meet to discuss their projects.

We firmly believe that as soon as the national lockdown eases our team will want to be in the same place and have the ability to collaborate more effectively. Our office is such a cultural hub for our team and our culture is such a fundamental aspect of how our team and our business will be successful. It is key to how we work together and key for maintaining and improving the mental health of our team too.

We will continue to invest during this despite everything that is happening in the world right now. Acres Architects has seen workload and its client base expand rapidly and we believe wholeheartedly in investing in the team and in the infrastructure to meet the demands of our business and private clients. Edward comments “I’m confident that this growth will be sustained throughout 2021 and this time next year we’ll hopefully have 20+ working with us delivering outstanding projects and launching more exciting services.

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