No Xmas card from Acres Architects this year?!


If you don’t get a lovely festive Christmas card from Acres Architects please don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you, that your business and support isn’t appreciated or that you’ve somehow made it onto the ‘naughty list this year. No we’ve taken the decision to hold off sending physical cards in favour of a more electronic version.


We take our sustainability responsibility seriously at Acres Architects and we’re always looking for ways to reduce the amount of paper or energy we consume and generally we’re more ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

I’m sure you’re aware of this but every Christmas residents of the UK use a lot of cards. On average, each person in the UK will send / receive 17 Christmas cards (I’m sure I don’t get that many!!)

However, it is true that each of us will discard these once the festive period is over. So let’s see the calculations…

If we start with the assumption that tree is used to make approximately 3,000 Christmas cards.

So 1 tree is only enough for 176 people to send cards to their loved ones.

Unfortunately this then means that 1 billion Christmas cards will be thrown away and this works out at approximately 33 million trees!

To put the amount of waste into perspective the total amount of Christmas cards sent, along with other card packaging used over Christmas, could cover Big Ben approximately 260,000 times.

In addition to sending e-cards and passing on our seasons greetings digitally we’re committing to reducing paper waste by issuing electronic quotes and invoices, avoiding printing wherever possible. We also use recycled paper for our internal printing . We’re doing everything we can to reduce energy consumption too, we switching off lights when we walk out of a room, we also ensure we turn off monitors when not in use.

One thing that we do want you to know is that we’re really grateful for all of the support from our clients. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas break and we’re really looking forward to working with you in 2021.

If you would like to receive our e-Christmas card send us an email and we’ll add you to our mailing list for this and for future communications (you can unsubscribe at any time) email us at

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Merry Christmas and best wishes from everyone at Acres Architects

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